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Prague Food – Authentic Israeli food deliveries

Our kitchen makes you Israeli-style home-cooked meals with the option of self-delivery / pick-up every Friday.

Terms of Use and Orders

Receiving orders: Monday – Tuesday 10am to 8pm and Wednesday 10am to 23pm

Delivery times: Deliveries and self-collection take place on Fridays only starting at 2 p.m.

Pickup Address: LIVE CORAL (Nové Butovice) Bucharova 1349/10, 158 00 Praha 13-Stodůlky

Terms of delivery: Deliveries are made only in Prague and the surrounding area, plus 180 CZK.

payment: Payment to courier only in cash at CZK / EUR.

cancellations: The order cannot be canceled at the time of sending the order. An order cancellation fee is 100% of the order value.

Phone order

You can order by phone / via the whatsapp in numbers:

How to order?

Select the desired quantity from each product with the plus and minus buttons.

When you have finished selecting the desired products, click on the "Order Summary" button.

Confirm the order details or return to the order editor.

Fill in your personal details, make sure the details are correct and click the send button.

You can now start ordering. Start choosing the amount of details you want.


4 Roasted pepper
marinated in garlic, rosemary, Lemon
baked eggpan, tahini, concase from tomatoes, picked cucomber and eggs
tomato sauce with red pepper, spicy chilly, roasted tomato and baked garlic
chopped parsley, onion, mint, tomato
Beetroot with fresh coriander, garlic, olive oil , and lemon juice
Green tahini with fresh herbs
OLIVE Hummus
roasted mushrooms with olive oil and mix of peppers
: roasted eggplant, red pepper, roasted garlic, fresh herbs, lemon juice, olive oil, roasted onion
Beluga lentils, couscous, fresh tomatoes, arugula, olive oil and tomato
ground eggplant with mayo, lemon, garlic, olive oil
ground eggplant with thini, lemon, garlic, olive oil
lentils, lemon, roman cumin, olive oil
Boiled carrot mixed with tomato sauce, fresh herbs and chilli peppers.
Orzo is small pasta type, mixed with fresh carrot and beetroot.
fresh cut of vegetables mixed with lemon juice and olive oil.
fried eggplan with mix of color red pepper, garlic and fresh herbs.

Hot meals

Fried schnitzel
mix of legumes, egg potatoe and 100% beef meat
Chraime from salmon (fillet)
100% beef with fresh tomato sauce wrapped in potato
100% beef meat – meatballs style with eggplant, tomato sauce and peas

Side dish

Moroccan vegetable soup
Bashmati rice – top qiality
ready to warm up

Grill Dishes

Halloumi cheese For grilling on the grill
6 pieces, each piece 80 gr on average, total 500 gr
6 pieces, each piece 80 gr on average, total 500 gr


Top quality raw Tahini
HARISA - Spicy paste
Raw Lebanese Tahini
Pita bread 100% homemade
Hamburger bun 100% homemade
Falafel balls

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